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How Does the Complexity of A Road Network Affect Optimal Facility Locations?

Xiaoyun Zhao 1, Pascal Rebreyend 2, and Johan Håkansson 2
1. Microdata Analysis Department, Dalarna University, SE-79 188, Falun, Sweden
2. Computer Science Department and Information Science Department, Dalarna University, SE-79 188, Falun, Sweden
Abstract—Road network serves as a critical link in sustainable energy and environment development. To fulfill the transportation needs and to adapt to the region development, the road network is often organized hierarchically and asymmetrically with various road levels and spatial structures. The complexity of the road network therefore varies. Location models locate usually facilities on a given road network, the most complex one, and the influence from the complexity of road network in finding optimal locations is not well-studied. This paper aims to investigate how the complexity of a road network affects the optimal facility locations by applying the widely-applied p-median model. In a specific case study, the main result indicates that an increase in complexity, up to a certain level, can obviously improve the solution; the complexity beyond that level does not always lead to better solutions. A detailed sensitivity analysis of algorithm and facility number further provides insight into computation complexity and location problems from intra-urban to inter-urban. 
Index Terms—information system, transportation system, spatial optimization, location models, heuristics, road network

Cite: Xiaoyun Zhao, Pascal Rebreyend, and Johan Håkansson, "How Does the Complexity of A Road Network Affect Optimal Facility Locations?" Journal of Traffic and Logistics Engineering, Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 64-71, December 2019. doi: 10.18178/jtle.7.2.64-71
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