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The Analysis of Taxi Operation Features in Chinese Large Cities Based on Floating Cars

Shiying She 1,2, Jifu Guo 3, and Meng Zheng 2
1. Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China
2. Wuhan Transportation Development Strategy Research Institute, Wuhan, China
3. Beijing Transportation Research Center, Beijing, China

Abstract—As one of basic trip modes for urban residents, taxi plays a role that cannot be neglected in the urban traffic system, but there are a few studies on taxi at home and abroad and the analysis of taxi operation features is insufficient and lacks fundamental and quantitive technical indices, rules and data. With GPS data of 16,000 taxis in Wuhan and 66,000 taxis in Beijing and through horizontal comparison of the data of Wuhan and Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the profound analysis is conducted for taxi operation features, like the passenger capacity, the occupied road resources, the temporal and spatial distributions of taxi, and the emphasis is placed on four aspects, namely the taxi operation features, the relation between taxi and road traffic, the features of taxi users and the relation between taxi and other traffic modes. From the accessibility and comparability of data collection of the floating car system, the quantitive data indices and analysis conclusion are first proposed. This study provides references for the functional orientation of taxi in urban traffic, the formulation of macro-policies for urban traffic development, the scientific coordination and planning of layout and operational organization of various urban traffic facilities.
Index Terms—taxi, operation features, the role of taxi in urban traffic

Cite: Shiying She, Jifu Guo, and Meng Zheng, "The Analysis of Taxi Operation Features in Chinese Large Cities Based on Floating Cars," Journal of Traffic and Logistics Engineering, Vol. 5, No. 2, pp. 60-67, December 2017. doi: 10.18178/jtle.5.2.60-67


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