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Assessment of Pedestrian Refuge Islands on Vehicle Speed Changes and Pedestrian Safety: Case Study in Tehran

Arash Sadrayi and Amin Mirza Boroujerdian
Civil and Environmental Eng. Department, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran

Abstract—Pedestrians are among one of the most vulnerable road users. Speed of vehicles is considered as one of the major causes of danger for pedestrians crossing the street (making cross movements). Therefore, it is of almost importance to devise suitable solutions for reducing speed of vehicles. One of these solutions is Pedestrian Refuge Islands (PRI). With regard to fluctuations in pedestrian and vehicle traffic volume in traffic hours, there are different variations in collisions between vehicle and pedestrian. In this article the effect of constructed PRI in Tehran on speed of vehicles and consequently their effects on probability fluctuations of fatal accidents are determined. Speed of vehicles in two phases of before and after arriving to the PRI is assessed. Additionally, speed of vehicles in non-observed volumes of vehicle and pedestrian are calculated using Aimsun.v6 simulation software. Paired T-test is applied to compare average speed of vehicles before and after the PRI. The results revealed that except for traffic volumes of 3000-4000veh/hand 400-600 ped/h in other volumes reduction of average speed of vehicles as a result of PRI is significant. According to the results, it is recommended that PRI should be installed in midblock where traffic volume of vehicles in each lane is less than 750 veh/h.

Index Terms—Pedestrian Refuge Island (PRI), before and after studies, fluctuations of speed of vehicles, probability of pedestrian fatal accidents

Cite: Arash Sadrayi and Amin Mirza Boroujerdian, "Assessment of Pedestrian Refuge Islands on Vehicle Speed Changes and Pedestrian Safety: Case Study in Tehran," Journal of Traffic and Logistics Engineering, Vol. 4, No. 1, pp. 41-46, June 2016. doi: 10.18178/jtle.4.1.41-46


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